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Below you can navigate to some of our favorite projects created for our partners:

E-learning SHM

The project at the "Albanian School of Magistrates" focuses on the implementation of an advanced E-Learning Platform to improve educational and training processes for magistrates.


The scope of the application was to design and develop a customized software solution that handles the processes related to agents and back-office members within Intergoma company. Click for more informations...

Online Learning

Myoshlearn is an online Learning Management(LMS) that enables corporate businesses to easily create, share, complete and track online courses and workspace inductions. Click for more informations ...

Bowtie project

Bowtie is a data visual representation tool that is used to display complex information in two risk type diagrams called Bowtie and Butterfly. Click for more informations...


DocFactory is a multitenant platform for automating complex document assembly. Click for more informations ...


Scheduler is a data visual representation add-on that is based on a proprietary system for retrieving the data. Its goal is to display those data in two different views: a table view and a calendar one. Click for more informations...


Dashboard is a highly customizable widgets library based on recharts. As every other widgets library is a general-purpose data representation tool. Click for more informations...


SRT enhances the automated reporting system as per Central Bank of Albania URS requirements. Click for more informations...

Payment Tool

Payment Tool Is a fully customized web-based solution developed for Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania. Click for more informations...


Prod-Kits has been developed by GisDev in order to give a unique, complete and specific answer to all manufacturing and supply chain management needs.Click for more informations...

Albanian bees

The scope of the project was to design and develop a web-based application that aims to automate processes related to beehive administration and monitoring for Albanian Bees & Honey company. Click for more informations...

Bulk exporter

The main objective of this project was to enable users to configure and manage background processes to export data from a proprietary platform. Click for more informations...